Branding rooted in authenticity and designed for growth

I’m a designer and creative director helping founders find their commercial direction with a visual identity that aligns with their vision.

Whether it’s launching a new venture or refining an existing one, I specialise in the underlying systems and mechanics that hold a brand together. I’m interested in the people and stories behind a business – reflecting these unique qualities to create an original brand that’s rooted in authenticity and self-confidence.

Oliver Milner-Smith sitting against an understated background.

My process is informal, holistic and collaborative. I check in at regular touchpoints, fine-tuning together as we go.

1. Ideation

I involve clients in strategic conversations and workshops until we clearly understand the ultimate goal. I find and reveal a side of your brand that resonates with you as a founder, captures what’s interesting and unique about your identity, and serves as a creative mark for people to remember you by.

2. Foundation

Ideation is the springboard to laying the visual foundations – a set of practical guides that support growth and serve as a bible for consistency that delivers real brand equity. These can be tailored to the growth stage of your business.

3. Creation

Creating the world your brand lives and breathes. From packaging to websites, and anything else that’s essential for growth – the creation of these assets tests the foundations. As the initial deliverables are designed, the guidelines are refined until they are iron-clad.

Most projects have a defined scope. However, I frequently become an extension of the team as a brand guardian, offering ongoing monthly support either in a hands-on capacity or overseeing in-house creatives as a creative director.

  • – Brand identities
  • – Design systems & guidelines
  • – Websites & digital products
  • – Motion branding
  • – Illustration
  • – Sales decks
  • – Packaging
  • – Apparel

Although I have a wide range of graphic design capabilities, if you need brand strategy, language, motion design, film or digital support, I frequently partner with a close set of creatives to deliver a complete service.

“We’ve been looking for a long time for people who bring creative solutions, people who listen, but at the same time aren’t afraid to test our thinking and nudge us in the right direction. Working with Oliver was like ‘hand in glove’. We’ve finally found a missing link, and with his professionalism, creativity, good humour and insights we are extremely happy with the end result and the ongoing relationship.”

Antony Whitaker / Founder of Grow

“Oliver has a talent for understanding a brand and bringing that brand to life. We had some very detailed discussions about Bake when we were working on the positioning of the brand and this helped to shape both the visual identity as well as the personality. Bake is now a brand that stands proud within its space thanks to Oliver’s work.”

Daniel Spencer / Founder of Bake

“When our company was first starting, we had a product and a name, but no identity.  We sat down with Oliver to discuss what the brand meant to us and what inspired our designs.  He took all of this on board and created a visual brand identity that was bold and modern, including the perfect logo, which could also be turned into a branding iron or stamp.  10+ years later we have grown significantly but are still using the original branding, which has become a recognisable mark on our award-winning products sold globally.”

Monica Cass / Founder of Par-Avion

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