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Car Man

For the past year I have been walking past Norfolk Premier Coachworks, catching a glimpse of their latest projects. Predominantly Porsche’s stripped back to a fragile shell. The distinctive timeless shape of the 911 was ever present. Regardless of its state of disrepute, the iconic profile of these cars brought a smile to my face and in doing so confirmed two things. Firstly, a 1971 911T was my dream car. Secondly taking some photos was a must.

View and





Recent posters inspired by my two little ones. One is a busy soul with a penchant for Roy Fox Lichtenstein. The other has a bold character with a love of purple.








Details is King.

The Sainsburys Centre for Visual Arts has always been a calming place to be - a bit like the Vatican in that respect, only significantly less stone in its structure.

On my latest visit I found myself with the infamous words of Darren Leader, my former NUA lecturer, ringing through my head – “Detail is King.” Never truer when simplicity is in a projects DNA.





2014 Winter Olympic

Response to the Olympics



As a designer, the Olympics are a brilliant opportunity to generate timeless graphics, such as the classic 72 Munich games or Montreal 76. But not all Olympics can deliver. Although I do confess to missing the 2012 identity on the UPS vans – Something about that brown and magenta...utter filth.


Not much can be said for the current set of Winter Olympic Graphics, but there has been another source of inspiration. 


On the opening weekend of this years Olympics, I found myself glued to the slopestyle event and witnessed Jenny Jones land bronze. Screaming at the screen and knowing full well that wanting other riders to fall isn’t the sporting way – GB just won their first ever medal on snow, so who cares.


Having spent most of the nineties on a dry slope attempting my own slope style – Kappa top and white jeans…Eh!? At that time, I was inspired by the top UK riders such as Danny Wheeler, Steve Bailey and, funnily enough, Jenny Jones. These guys were at the forefront of the sport and proving you don’t need a mountain on your doorstep to excel. Just takes a bit more effort. It’s an attitude and spirit that I admire. And while I never quite had the mustard for anything bigger than a season in the Alps – I had a hoot, a bunch of tomfoolery and tasted a bit of that spirit and attitude.


The Winter Olympics, and the likes of Billy Morgan, Jamie Nichols, Jenny Jones and Aimee Fuller on their boards with the brilliant Ed Leigh & Tim Warwood on mic with their own set of analogies to amuse the listeners. Their contribution to the Olympics has reignited that spirit and attitude in me.


My path is design – which I love. And as a designer I create a response to something. This is my response to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.



Slope Style in the 90s

Early days practicing my style at Norfolk Ski Slope.



Mid 1990s


Avoriaz Pipe

During my one snow season I managed to board everyday - do nothing in the evenings and learn to enjoy coffee. Which is now a staple diet. The season ended abruptly when I shattered my hand in the snow park.





Farmers Jam

I competed in only two competitions. I came second in the first and ended up in hospital in the second where I consequently missed a first date with my future wife.




Lyme Regis

Boxing day





The Little Cake Pantry identity and website is now complete. With both design and photography being given the thumbs up by a large audience.





Little Cake Pantry – a Norfolk based baker who bakes delicious cakes using the finest locally sourced ingredients – Has asked me to work with them on their branding, website and photography.





The successful launch of Jo Millingtons new identity and website has been well received. All the hard work and attention to detail has paid off. View Jo's new site




New Client

Cutting Crew approached me to design and build a new website for their long established Organic hair salon. They wanted something simple and are over the moon with their new site. View their new site





The end is in sight.

Our studio. Late nights and hard graft.




Unit 6 is having a make over.

Our studio. The story so far.



New Client.

Joanna Millington Photography.

Jo millington is a truely brilliant photographer that specialises in telling the story of a wedding day with her own unique perspective on things. I will be working closely with Jo on her new brand identity and website.



Unthank launderettes.

Old school establishment.



Being 7



Gt. Yarmouth