Porsche 911

My love for the Porsche 911 is growing at a fanatical rate. This could be of its timeless design since its conception in 1963. Not many manufactures can boast of producing the same model for 50 years. Or perhaps it’s because they are the affordable dream car unlike Ferrari and such like.  Or maybe I am reaching my midlife crisis. Who knows. The point is that the early models of this car are a thing of beauty.


Reading about the unique wonder that is Magnus Walker in a Sunday supplement and later watching a documentary about his 911 restoration hobby that got out of hand has only fuelled this “Neunelf” love affair.  

So to gain access to a workshop that specialise in restoring 911’s was a Friday treat for me. The brilliant folk at Norfolk Premier Coachworks gave me cart blanche & I went in like John Wayne – Shooting.


My response to this car hasn’t been finalised – and perhaps never will until I own one. But in the meantime - I am sure i can find a creative outlet in some way shape or form.

check out Urban Outlaw film or perhaps just the first 5 minutes.